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Introduction to reflective foil
 Dec 14, 2022|View:1228

Reflective foil, also known as "hot foil", is a reflective material for hot foil processing, which is usually transferred to a hot foil machine under a certain pressure and temperature. It can be laminated to different substrates such as TPU, PVC, PU, cloth, garments, webbing, shoes, etc., and can be engraved with letters and logos, which can be used as a safety warning at night or in case of poor vision and has a certain aesthetic quality.

reflective foil

1.The principle of reflective foil.

The reflective foil is made of spheres formed by high refractive index glass beads that reflect light back to its light source, producing a very good reflective effect, thus enhancing the visibility of the human body in action at night or in critical situations, enhancing visibility and avoiding accidents.

2.Applications of reflective foil.

Reflective foil is used in a wide range of applications such as uniforms for traffic police, sanitation workers, and firefighters, as well as on various sportswear, shoes, and children's clothing. Reflective thermal lamination is reflective and bright and wash-resistant. Traffic clothing and short-sleeved clothing made with this high-visibility reflective foil can be easily spotted by night-time drivers, whether the wearer is at a distance or in the presence of light or scattered light.

3.Types of reflective foil.

Reflective foil is available in a variety of categories, the most commonly used are High gloss reflective heat stickers, colourful reflective heat stickers, dazzling reflective heat stickers, bright silver reflective heat stickers, reflective heat stickers for lettering, etc. There are different ways to operate different foils, so you should pay attention to the temperature and pressure of the heat when using them.

The above is the introduction of reflective foil, hope it can help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.

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