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Photo Luminescent Tape

TongMing Photo Luminescent Film has good ability to emit the light after absorbing from various lights. With different absorb abilities, different grade Luminescent Films can shine lights for 5-12 hours, without any electric power. TongMing FG series Photo Luminescent Films with adhesive backing are widely used for interior luminous signs and markings, including safety signage in buildings. Adhesive-backed signs are intended to be used to outline egress pathways, stairs, handrails, entry/exit doors and obstacles, so that occupants can discern these egress path elements in the darkness.

Non-toxic, non radioactive, no heavy metals, no harm to your health.

Full range of products which available in rolls and sheet to meet your different requirements. Suitable for computer cutting and screen printing.

Superior initial and retained luminosity and Easy to install and clean.

As a leader in the research and production of reflective materials, we have more than 18 years' experience in all aspects of production, sales,and service of reflective materials. Our products can last up to 20-year interior,7-year exterior, and the warranty period reflective film does not fade, not powder, not falling, not peeling. We offer free samples and quick quotes, contact US via